Are we putting modern technology & tools in our students' hands?


What are the best subjects to teach our students to prepare them for success in life?


Does the curriculum suit our students' needs or our administration's?


How do kids truly embrace learning? Are we providing a safe learning environment for our kids?



Like Socrates, Energize Students ® believes the purpose of education is to "draw out" the genius that is already within a student.  However, it seems our Education System tries to fill students with knowledge instead of teaching them how to discover it.  Treating them like machines rather than the valuable resource they are.

Every student deserves to be challenged, inspired and nurtured in a way that connects with each of them individually. It’s the Systems responsibility to energize students with ideas and experiences that encourage them to grow and develop.


We can Energize Students® by addressing four key topics:


Utilize modern technology to help engage students.

A 21st Century Quality Education

Modern life is interactive.  Yet our public schools insist on teaching from out-of-date technologies that encourage little to no interaction.   

Today's classrooms lack the tools to prepare students for the ever-changing world.  Students sit silent, afraid to speak up and somehow, it surprises us that high school students would rather dropout than attend class.

Education reform to emphasize technology - Picture it… students using Skype to learn Spanish from other students in Madrid; writing on interactive whiteboards to ask questions that can be answered by the teacher or their peers; or taking tests on computers that can adjust to the student—giving an accurate assessment of their understanding.  

Be part of the conversation that helps students get the tools they need to get a 21st century quality education.


menu_book CURRICULUM

Enable students to discover their talents through theoretical as well as practical courses of study


Life Beyond Standardized Tests

No matter how far math and science take us there are other skills and trades that are just as important for a quality education. There is a need for creativity in today’s curriculum. Forsaking Art for Science, Sport for Language or Trade skills for Math neglects the balance that sustains society.

Students want to learn more than what’s in a standardized test. They are longing to be energized and genuinely engaged in their education. Let’s teach them how to think creatively and how to be financially secure and independent. Let’s allow them to explore the world and find their own path to success.

Together we can create school reform that energizes their inspiration.


account_tree STRUCTURE

Eliminate failing programs that are not focused on the students

Our Most Valuable Resouce

With all of the resources our school system has…we’ve forgotten our most valuable resource; the student.

We spend millions of dollars on failing programs, when there aren’t enough desks and supplies in classrooms. We alienate passionate teachers in favor of disinterested teachers with tenure.

The low quality education system isn’t due to the billions of dollars we spend each year, the disinterested teachers or the unchallenged students; the failure is the Education System itself.

Let’s make our most precious resource, the student, the motivation to reform our education system.



Celebrate each students uniqueness and tailor lesson plans to their learning styles


Excited to Go to School

What if every student woke up excited to go to school? What if education energized and inspired students to realize their dreams?

Campus culture should be built upon respect, encouragement, understanding and exploration. Instead our education system ignores bullying by fellow students and favoritism from teachers.

We need a culture that celebrates how students learn— not how we “think” they should.

Let’s design a school environment that encourage quality education through creativity and exploration, teaching students in a way that speaks to each of them individually. Let’s create an empowering culture through school reform that is focused on the student.



format_quote Instead of teaching to the students, the teachers are now 'teaching to the test.'

format_quote Just be kind to the other kids. It's not that difficult and who knows it could change their whole life, it did for me.

format_quote A certain teacher of mine spent more time teaching us tricks to get partial credit on test answers than he did on actual material.

format_quote As a student athlete, I do not feel that academics in my school gets the same attention as athletics.

format_quote …my proposition consists of a partnership with the special needs program and every sports team in our school.

format_quote …the earnings that the schools get have just made the FCAT a test for profit and economic gain for the school. Every public school, at least here in the county of Miami- Dade, is battling with those FCAT scores in order to get money that year.

format_quote …(A)ll who care about their future need to stand together to ensure that the school funding is well taken care of, because it is indeed our future which is at stake here.

format_quote Only the advanced placement and duel credit students are allowed to take text books home. I honestly feel like there is no reason why each student can't have a book to take home and study if its needed.

format_quote From my point of view I believe that our school should be funded a lot more then what we are being funded now. A majority of students aren't able to buy a bus fare to school so what makes you think they can afford school lunch or field trips?

format_quote A class teaching how to write a check, how to have a successful interview, how to write a resume, how to find a house or an apartment, how to take out student loans, and how to manage your money should be a requirement for all graduating seniors.


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