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Thousands of simple, practical, kid-tested ideas to help you build character, avoid power struggles, increase school success, motivate cooperation, reduce conflict, solve problems and create safe, loving relationships with children of all ages! Adapts to your own needs, goals and values to minimize conflict and maximize cooperation in an environment of mutual love, respect and caring.

This book looks at the parent-child relationship from a perspective of boundarieswhat they are, when theyre necessary, and how to express and maintain them. Discover how to use boundary-setting as a means of avoiding conflict, resolving problems in the relationship and establishing a foundation of mutual love, trust, consideration and respect.

This thoroughly readable, research-based book covers all the basesincluding, social, neurological, emotional, academic, cultural and physical factors that impact the emotional climate of a school, and how safe schools feel to the people who spend their time there.

Más de 1.000 tips para construir mejores relaciones, con ideas simples, prácticas y comprobadas para ayudarle a construir el carácter, aumentar el rendimiento escolar, motivar la cooperación, reducir las fricciones, solucionar problemas y crear relaciones seguras y afectuosas con los niños de todas las edades!

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We have many opportunities for you to get involved to help further the purpose of Energize Students®!

1.  Help Write Blogs
            If you are a talented writer and you are passionate about educational issues. Contact us for more details.

2.  Help Research
            We are constantly researching material for updated resources and data. If you enjoy discovering new and interesting facts
and stories, please contact us for more details.

Together we can reform our education system to focus it where it belongs, on the students!


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Our founder ensures that none of your donation will be used for administrative expenses.  Your generous donation goes directly to refocusing our education system back where it belongs, on the students!

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