Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate solutions to improve school quality and better educate today’s youth by fostering the natural talents of each student, while giving them the tools to pursue their dreams.

This website addresses issues, celebrates successes, educates the public and connects students, educators, parents, and community members in constructive discussions that will create positive education reform.  This website is to be used as a platform to spur conversations that will Energize Students by:

  1. Reporting news and facts that inform the Public about the "true" state of our education system.
  2. Providing personal accounts of students, parents and educators that are struggling to succeed despite the current state of the education system.
  3. Assisting educators to implement functional, proven learning techniques into their classrooms.
  4. Facilitating constructive discussions via our regularly updated Blog to create positive solutions.

We invite you to voice your thoughts and opinions about education reform, explore "Get the Facts", connect with others in the community and read what students, parents and educators have to say about the education system. You’ll find: 

  1. First-hand accounts on the education system from students, parents and educators.
  2. A regularly updated Blog with perspectives and commentary on education reform and other topics.
  3. Interviews and links to additional information in our Tools You Can Use sections
  4. The latest news and resources on what’s happening in education; articles, videos, conferences, research papers, and reports.

Founded in 2000 and based in San Marcos, CA, Energize Students is part of New Hope Charitable Foundation, a Federal 501(c)(3) organization and California 23701d, CA Registry of Charitable Trusts #CT114369.  The foundation is a member of the national group Association of Small Foundations and the North County Philanthropy Council and is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-denominational organization.